De Palm Island Trip

De Palm Island is a small island off of the western coast of Aruba that attracts people from the main island looking for a new experience. In addition to hosting an array of outdoor activities including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach volleyball, De Palm Island also offers several options for those seeking rest and relaxation.

All-inclusive packages make it easy to spend an entire day in the water, lounging on the beach and having your fill of unlimited food and drinks. If you can pull yourself away from the cabana, grab a snorkel and get a glimpse at the beautiful coral reefs teeming with tropical sea life, including the blue parrotfish, native only to this area.As far as family entertainment goes, this is a one-stop shop for water sports for the kids and cabanas with an open bar for the adults. You'll need to take a ferry or catamaran to the island, both of which leave regularly from Port De Palm.

Silly as it seems to make this place your island getaway from Aruba's main island, the endless list of activities and amenities at De Palm Island is enticing enough to at least spend a day out there. And maybe a night too.

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